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You may notice some changes to the Bran+Luebbe logo and other product brand logos of SPX. To more visibly connect these logos to our parent company, we’ve made slight changes to the logo designs. The new logos often include a chevron symbol like this “>”, others may be marketed as a product series, and some may be represented by other core product brands to better align with the vast SPX portfolio. You will be seeing these new logos throughout our website, in advertisements, brochures, manuals, etc. While the branding and/or labeling on each product may change, the products themselves will not be impacted by these changes. And your personal connection to the same SPX people, products, and services will continue.

Bran+Luebbe logo

Bran+Luebbe is a global leader in metering, analyzing and processing liquids. For more than 75 years, the name Bran+Luebbe has stood for high quality and precision metering and process pumps, process systems as well as analyzing equipment. We have the highest quality standards, pioneering innovations and comprehensive process and applications expertise in the industry. Our extensive line of metering pumps, process pumps, process systems, chemical injection systems and analyzers are designed to exceed your expectations when it comes to efficient metering, processing and analyzing.

Bran+Luebbe is one of the many brands that comprise the SPX Flow Technology segment. These brands design, manufacture and market solutions and products used to process, blend, meter and transport fluids as well as air and gas filtration and dehydration products serving sanitary, biopharmaceutical, chemical, marine, oil and gas, power, industrial and municipal markets worldwide.


Bran+Luebbe's Extensive Product Line Includes:

  • ProCam Diaphragm Metering Pumps
    • Modular, single and multi-stream pump configurations to match the process requirement
    • Double Diaphragm and Plunger Pumps
    • Pressures up to 20 bar/300 PSI
    • Flow rates up to 3000 l/h / 790 GPH per pump head
    • ProCam Smart, a high quality, economic pump for customers with less demanding applications
  • NOVADOS Metering Pumps
    • Horizontal and vertical metering pumps
    • Modular, single and multi-stream pump configurations to match the process requirements
    • Pressures up to 1000 bar / 15000 PSI
    • Flow rates up to 22600 l/h 6000 GPH
    • Variable speed drive and variable stroke adjustment for manual or automatic flow control
    • Double diaphragm and plunger pumps, API 675 compliant
    • Remote condition monitoring with the NOVALINK-CSM online diagnostic system
  • NOVAPLEX Process Pumps
    • Reciprocating high performance diaphragm process pumps for high pressure and high capacity applications
    • Modular design, additions can be added on for future expansions
    • Pumping chamber hermetically sealed
    • Pressures up to 1000 bar / 15000 PSI
    • Flow rates up to 100 m3/h / 26440 GPH
    • Hydraulic power up to 260 kW / 350 HP with variable speed control option
    • Remote condition monitoring with the NOVALINK-CSM online diagnostic system
  • Autoblend Dosing & Mixing Process Systems
    • Dramatically improve productivity, product quality and reduce running costs
    • Dynamic mixer type PENTAX
    • Master Batch and Finishing Unit Concept
    • Hygienic design and cleanability per customer's request
    • Turnkey blending systems
    • Design, engineer, build and test in-house
    • Full automation and control options up to SCADA
    • Capability in wide ranging markets and applications, due to expertise from within the SPX group
  • Chemical Injection Systems
    • Single or multi-point chemical injection storage and pumping packages
    • Efficient, low power consumption designs including solar powered units for remote locations
    • Long term aftermarket and service support
    • Extensive global reference list of installations
    • Bespoke designed, built and tested to meet customer requirements
    • Compliant with International standards: ISO, DIN, API, PED, ATEX
  • Online Analyzers
    • Wide range of different applications
    • Fully automatic systems
    • Multi-stream measurements
    • Low operation costs
    • Remote control and diagnostics
    • Inline probes
    • Innovative technology
    • Single parameter and multi parameter systems

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